Hacienda Del Sol

Spanish Inspired Design

Hacienda Del Sol Tanauan is a fusion of Spanish identity and modern architecture. It complements the rich history of the city.

Just An Hour Away

It's an hour or less from Alabang. All you need to take
is the Startoll Sto. Tomas Exit and you're almost there.

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Master's Bedroom Hacienda Del Sol


Masarap umuwi sa sarili mong bahay dito sa Hacienda Del Sol. It is located at Brgy. Pagaspas, Tanauan City, Batangas and developed by Holiday Homes

The entire development size for phase one is 7.6 hectares with projected target completion date of Dec 31, 2019. In addition, the community is comprised of townhouse, duplex and single attached with firewall houses costing around from 1.2 up to 1.7 Million.

Why Hacienda Del Sol Tanauan?

Hacienda del Sol Tanauan is perfect for starters who wants to own a home. A simple home that is affordable, accessible and asawable ready. You can choose to keep dreaming about this house. Meanwhile others are doing something to make this dream a reality. Whether you’re single young professional, a new couple who just got married or a growing family, you can definitely feel at home here. 

Mr Asawable in Hacienda Del Sol
You can keep dreaming. Meanwhile others are working to reach their dreams.

Hacienda Del Sol Tanauan is a fusion of spanish identity and modern architecture which is probably reflected to its ambiance. It is a well designed community with class and comfort combined hence the name. On the other hand, it still keeps price point affordable to aspiring home buyers.

Here in Hacienda Del Sol every two storey unit is semi-complete. First, it has paint, tiles, kitchen counters and cabinets in the ground floor. Another thing is the second floor provision for two bedrooms. It has cement finish flooring, electric works for convenient outlets and light switches. Therefore, you can expect not just only a liveable house but a beautiful home.

Hacienda Del Sol Tanauan City, Batangas

What do I expect?

At the entrance you can see the magnificent view of Mt. Makiling. In front is their Sales Office and Engineering Office. Currently the features and amenities offered here are: 

What's their site development plan?

The spanish influence is noticeable with their street names like La Ampola, El Olmo and El Cedro.  It is definitely a classier way of locating your place. Most importantly, you can finally fulfill your dream of being a haciendero/haciendera by owning a home here. Image your future home address: Block # Lot #, La Ampola Street, Hacienda Del Sol Phase 1, Brgy. Pagaspas, Tanauan City, Batangas. 

La Ampola is the longest street in Hacienda Del Sol. It is adjacent to the houses located at the perimeter fence of the subdivision. Certainly this is the best spot because most of our buyer prefer this location.  This slot is perfect since you don’t have neighbors at your back. 

Hacienda Del Sol Site Development Map
Hacienda Del Sol Site Development Plan

The image above was updated last July 2018 but a lot things happened since then. There are several homeowners who already moved in and as of August 2019 the inventory is more than 80% sold. In short, Hacienda Del Sol is a definitely a project you should consider.

As seen above this is the site development plan for phase one which means this is just the beginning. Initially there were more townhouses which is colored in pink. But later Holiday Homes changed the design since most buyers requested for duplex. As a result, several blocks were converted into clusters of duplexes. 

Which house model is for me?

Verena Townhouse is built for growing families. Enjoy the amazing countryside lifestyle even more, without sacrificing accessibility and comfort.

Olivia Duplex is built for starting families.  It makes a delightful choice to live here. It’s certainly a peaceful surrounding in a promising location.

Making life decision is surely hard but choosing which house is for you here in Hacienda Del Sol is easy. We only have two model units. We offers Verena Townhouse and Olivia Duplex both starts at 60 sqm lot area. Although the houses share similar specs they are still unique. First is the floor size. Second is the lot space allocation.

Each house is elegant and functional because they value modern architecture and practical use of space. In order to utilize the lot effectively, each model unit uses it differently. For Olivia Duplex, expect a generous set back on both sides. On the other hand, Verena townhouse converts that into a bigger floor area

In addition, we offer single attached with firewall here in Hacienda Del Sol. There are several advantages of a single attached house that you will certainly love.  Mainly, you have a bigger lot area and a bigger room for expansion as a result. Secondly, you have more separation to other houses so you have more privacy . To clarify more about the details of this property read our secret info.

Where is Hacienda Del Sol?

Location wise Hacienda Del Sol is located near schools, churches, malls and public markets both in Sto Tomas and Tanauan Batangas, two of the fastest growing cities here in Southern Tagalog.

Your everyday transport.

Travelling in and out of the metro is likely not a problem. Hacienda Del Sol is very accessible from Alabang. For example, a bus ride will probably take you an hour. But if you’re driving it will take less than that. Upon arrival  at the Star Toll Sto Tomas exit, it’s just 10 mins. away. 

When you commute, you also have a lot of options because you can ride a tricycle either in Tanauan Water District or Victory Mall & Market.  Consequently, you can enjoy the 24 hours trip in Sto Tomas Public Market, both south or north bound.

Your everyday needs.

Similarly, you won’t have a hard time when doing your grocery, sending your kids to school or attending Sunday mass. For instance, public markets both Tanauan and Sto Tomas are just a ride away. Additionally, supermarkets, schools and churches are all accessible. Some are even walking distance which amazing.

Probably, your future home.

The possibilities are endless but it is up to you to take action. Hopefully the information presented here was useful and maybe this could help you decide. After this, we hope it inspired you to take the next step.

You are almost ready get your own home but if you’re still undecided you can always contact us. This is a life changing decision and we certainly don’t want to rush you. However, if you want to know more you can always watch our videos on Youtube.