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Mr Asawable in Hacienda Del Sol

Singe Attached Available

Single Attached with Firewall units are also available with the design similar to Olivia Duplex. There are only a couple of units available and they are under In-House Financing. The good thing about this is you don’t need to wait if you have the budget. Construction begins upon completion of the required down payment and can be built within 6-8 months.

House Construction

Houses here have solid foundation with column and wall flooring with reinforced concrete. The columns, beams, second floor slab are also reinforced concrete ensuring the quality and safety of your future home.

Plumbing & Sanitation

Plumbing works are magnificent with the sanitary lines uses a Series 1000 PVC Pipes and  the water lines with standard PVC Blue Pipes. Each house has an individual septic tank to ensure proper sanitation.

Roofing & Tile Finishes

The roof is a longspan color roof with 2 x 4 C – Purlin framing making it secure. Walls in-between and firewalls is a 6” concrete hollow blocks while the interior walls is 4”. Floor Tiles are ceramic finishes with 30 x 30 for ground floor and 20 x 20 for toilet floor.